The Internet is the best platform for individuals, companies and businesses that want to expand to a new market. Businesses as well as companies that want to reach an international target market only needs an effective website that is informative as well as engaging. As well as translating and localizing text-based websites, we also run a centralized production model that includes a state-of-the-art voiceover and multimedia localization lab; the ideal facility for localizing media rich websites and video content.

A multilingual website is an effective tool that enables your international market to understand what your business is all about. Mowgli Translations provides effective website translations that can cater to various international audiences. With our reliable services, you can use your website as a powerful marketing as well as sales tool. You no longer have to be personally present just to show your products or services. You only need to seek the help of an experience website translator in order to capture the interests of your target market.

Various Languages

Our translators are speakers of various languages such as Russian, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Greek, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Farsi and many more. Since our translators are native speakers of different languages, they are knowledgeable in their languages’ grammar, spelling, sentence structure, diction and many more.

A Wide Range of Expertise

A Wide Range of Expertise

Our team of website translators are knowledgeable in various fields including Flash, Photoshop, HTML files, content localization, search engine keywords, PPC advertising content, ASP, XML, PHP, data-driven websites and many more. We also work with professionals such as graphic designers, website developers, website designers, content writers and many more in order to ensure the quality of our translation results.

Flexibility is the Key

Flexibility is the Key

Our company can help you realize your goals as well as launch your business to the international market using a simple, yet powerful platform such as your website. We can help different target markets understand what you have to say by translating your website into their native languages.


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