Once a website is translated and localized, it is important to test it before it is launched or released. Website localization testing is a crucial process, as it can show as well as prevent any linguistic, usability and functional problems. Localized websites are tested in order to show if there are any existing shortcomings with the websites as well as their translations.

Website localization testing is important to the success of the website localization process. Mowgli Translations provides clients with high quality localization testing services. We guarantee that our professional testing services are effective, accurate and reliable.

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we specialize in providing professional translation and localization services for website clients all across the globe. Our teams of language specialists will work with you to create localized content that will help to drive customer acquisition and improve website conversion. Mowgli can add further value to your website localization initiatives by giving sensible advice on website localization strategy, language prioritization

Functions of Localization Testing

Functions of Localization Testing

Localization testing has several functions as well as their corresponding purposes such as internationalization testing, localization testing, localizability testing and functionality testing. International testing is done in order to correct data inputs and its multiple scopes.

Localization Error Testing

Localization Error Testing

Localization testing is conducted in order to find as well as fix any localization problems. Localizabity testing is done to verify the website’s user interface can be translated to any chosen language. Finally, functionality testing is done in order to make sure that the website is running for the target today. Our company’s localization testing also conducts bug fixing.


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