Mobile app localization is translating your app content to a local language of a certain country. This is the new trend as localization helps developers to reach markets and penetrate them more successfully. The Fact is that the next app download could come from any person in the world. The native language of the world’s mobile phone using community is not English. Not surprisingly, this absolutely thriving global market for smartphones and related mobile technology is driving demand for translation and localization services for app developers.

Today, Apple’s AppStore promotes more than one million apps developed for its iOS mobile platform. While the Google-backed, open-source Android app marketplace lags behind, the Android operating system still claims the greatest number of devices with more than 50 percent of a global market share. And Windows Phone has garnered impressive reviews and a significant edge in the market within a short period of time. We provide services for your programmers as well as marketing and communication managers to help your company.

Foreign Mobile App Market

Mobile subscriptions worldwide nears the 7 billion mark with more than half of the world’s mobile subscribers located in the Asia Pacific. This number is still increasing. The Apple App Store and Google Play serve about 120 countries today. The countries to respond immediately to app localization in the study were China, Japan and South Korea.

David Janner Study

David Janner Study

In a study conducted by an app developer David Janner, he discovered that a non-localized mobile app got about 3,000 downloads. After localizing the app, downloads reached a staggering 23,000 (767%)! That is about 7x the download volume versus the previous nonlocal app version.

Distimo Study

Distimo Study

Another study conducted by Distimo, “The Impact of App Translations”, found that an increase of 128% is achieved when an app is localized. ROI reached a promising 26%. Although the return is not that big, one should consider that all this growth was only within one week after localizing the mobile app.


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