Miyamoto Announces That Star Fox Zero Will Be Delayed Until 2016

Miyamoto Announces That Star Fox Zero Will Be Delayed Until 2016


Many Wii U enthusiasts will have to wait until 2016 for the much anticipated Star Fox Zero. Shigeru Miyamoto has already announced that Star Fox Zero, just like Zelda, will not be released this year.

Nintendo decided that Star Fox Zero would be released on the first quarter of 2016 instead of Christmas 2015. This major decision will allow the developer more time to polish and improve the game even more, which is great news for the game enthusiasts. The delay can turn out to be very positive for the game developers and the gamers.

Miyamoto issued a statement saying that they need a little more time to work on certain areas in order to polish the level designs and perfect the tone of the cut scenes. Miyamoto also says that the players should have a wonderful gaming experience using two screens.

Miyamoto and his team could easily meet the end-of-the-year deadline with its current development status. However, the team opted to delay the release so they can make the new style of gameplay smoother for the avid players.

Miyamoto apologized profusely for the millions of fans of Star Fox Zero waiting for its Christmas time release. He promised that the new gameplay and style of Star Fox Zero would surpass the previous Star Fox 64. According to Miyamoto, they are doing everything to create a game that will go beyond everyone’s expectation. Gaming fans won’t have to wait too long because the first quarter of 2016 is just around the corner.

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