Livestreaming for Android Games in YouTube Now Coming to Japan

Livestreaming for Android Games in YouTube Now Coming to Japan


The first day of the Tokyo Game Show is very memorable for mobile gamers, especially for YouTube, because of YouTube’s big announcement. YouTube confirmed that Android gamers would be able to use their service for a live streaming of the user’s mobile game sessions in the near future.

YouTube’s announcement is timely and very appropriate because game streaming is so popular worldwide and mobile gaming is also a rage in Japan. YouTube also revealed that they have chosen Japan as the next country to receive the new version of the YouTube gaming app.

The head of YouTube’s gaming partnership, Ryan Watt, believes that mobile gaming in Japan fully defines its gaming culture, more so than any other country in the world. YouTube knows there is a real need for gamers to share their gameplays and strategies to the gaming community through the livestream feed.

YouTube is not the only company to offer mobile game livestreaming to the gamers. Twitch will offer tough competition for YouTube in different countries. Twitch is owned by Amazon and offers the same game streaming service. However, Twitch is not very popular in Japan and they don’t cater to the mobile gamers which provide YouTube with a great advantage.

YouTube has not released any official date on the release of their game streaming app in Japan but they say that it will be coming very soon. YouTube gaming has already been launched in other countries such as the USA and United Kingdom.

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