Whisper Interpretation or also known as Chucotage, is when the interpreter is right beside you and simultaneously interpreting in a low voice what the speaker is saying. It is sort of an informal type of language interpretation where no translation equipment is required. If you are walking around, the interpreter will walk beside you as he or she interprets everything for you. This type of interpretation service can be used during meetings, conferences, seminars, site visits, social events, dinners and many more.

If you want an interpretation service, which is very flexible and less formal without the need for equipment, you should use whisper interpretation. It is perfect for plant tours where the interpreter can walk with you and translate everything for you.Whisper interpretation does not require any special equipment or booths. You don’t need to wear any headphones and microphones for this interpretation service.

Where it lacks

Where it lacks

There is a possibility that the simultaneous interpretation can distract other people even though it is delivered in a whispered voice.

Things to remember

Things to remember

You also have to remember that you should exercise a greater degree of discipline since the interpreter will be talking very close to you in a low voice all the time.


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