Going on a business trip can be very rewarding for your career and business. However, it can be difficult to convey all your important messages if the country you are visiting does not speak your language. Mowgli Translation offers certified professional escort interpretation service for business travels, meetings, conferences and hosting. Escort interpreters ensure that you can fully understand what your clients or business partners are telling you and vice versa.

You have to make sure that an escort interpreter is really an expert on both the local language and your language. It can work to your advantage if the interpreter is a native speaker who has a deeper knowledge in the local culture and knows the place very well. He/She plays a vital role in your growth as your thoughts are reaching where you can never reach,

Expectations from escort

Expectations from escort

Your escort interpreters may have a good grasp of the local language but are they familiar with the local idioms? Try to find an escort interpretation service, which uses native speakers who are bilingual and very fluent in both languages.

Culture and Escort

Culture and Escort

When doing business abroad, you don’t want to encounter any miscommunication or misunderstanding just because you are not familiar with their culture. Professional escort interpreters can help you interpret cultural differences and avoid confusions.


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