Consecutive interpretation is a type of interpretation where an interpreter listens to a speaker’s whole speech and renders a fully translated one a few minutes after the speech. The lag time is significantly longer than it is for simultaneous interpretation. It is employed in technical meetings, working lunches, field trips and in small gatherings.

Technical knowledge is also important. Translation can be lost through jargons and will affect the interpretation if mishandled. It is key to have a translator who knows the technicalities as well as the audience. Interpretation is the matter of perfect timing and correct interpretation, like delivering what audience want to listen from the whole lecture.

How It Works

The manner of interpretation is the main difference. Simultaneous interpretation is translating in between sentences while consecutive interpretation only gives the translation after the whole speech. More often than not, some thought gets lost along a simultaneous interpretation. In a consecutive interpretation however, one gives the translated version of a person’s speech in full and the confusion of listening to two languages back and forth is eliminated. The interpreter does this by taking down notes during the speech to ensure he or she captures everything.

How it hapens

How it hapens

Just like simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretations requires both language and cultural expertise. The interpreter must know how relevant the speaker’s culture is and how it affects his or her speech. He or she must communicate that message well.

What you get

What you get

An advantage of consecutive interpretation is the length of time the interpreter renders the translated version of a speech. He or she can make sure that the translation is flawless and that the message is well communicated.


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