Game Localization Testing

Game localization testing ensures that the games remain entertaining and flawless even in its localized version. Testing is required for every game localization project to check and verify any translation mistakes and corrections implemented. Below are several factors that need to be taken into consideration when doing games localization testing. We believe that your success relies on accurate gaming translation so that you will reach your intended audience and thereby, increasing your business profitability.

Translations are Accurate : Games always involve dialogues and storylines to make it more exciting. Sometimes, the instructions on how to play the game are shown through the dialogues of the character. It is critical for the testers to see that the game instructions are translated accurately. The storyline is also an important aspect of the game and the translated version should never deviate from the original story. Many games depend on its content and story and it needs a very reliable game localization testing process to keep everything consistent.

Readability of Texts

It is very important that all the texts in the game can be easily understood and very readable for everyone. The screen size and the resolution of the game have to be considered when checking and testing the texts. The tester has to consider shortening texts or using acronyms to make the game adapt to the different screen sizes.

Voice-Overs and Subtitles

Voice-Overs and Subtitles

The voice-overs and the subtitles should be tested to see if these components are out of sync and needs to be improved. The game localization testers should check for voice-over files that are too long or don’t match the subtitles displayed on the screen.

Culturally Appropriate

Culturally Appropriate

The game localization testing for culturally appropriate games are always strongly implemented. This also includes checking for compliance to any local laws and see if the contents and graphics pass the age rating requirements.


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