With the advent of more sophisticated and interactive video games in the market, it is not surprising that many end-users expect these products to be fun, be able to deliver impeccable performance and that this will be always released in time. In game functional testing, the functions of systems or components are specifically tested and this test verifies pertinent activities related to code functioning. This kind of assessment is necessary to ensure that video games develop a loyal following among gamers by eliminating bugs and glitches for a smooth playing experience.

The methods employed for game functional testing are mostly specification-based and often answers the questions “can this be done by a user” or “does this distinct component work”. Often times, functional testing will include identifying the leading compliance difficulty areas, content verification, user experience testing, core features or functionality, play-though testing, destructive testing, multiplayer testing, game balance testing, performance and stability testing and device compatibility. Difficult issues must be adequately resolved by a competent team of testers to improve brand stability of your games.

Functional Testing

Our testing team assures that video game crashes, performance issues, hangs, audio and text problems are avoided. We test game play problems and graphic issues such as corruption and, missing graphics are checked before it is released on the market. Incorrect instructions and other inconsistencies in game mechanics are corrected so that you will have an error free product.

The Benefits

The Benefits

Text and audio issues, crash issues, how the game is played and graphics issues are all included in functional testing. Furthermore, a professional test team must be able to deliver the following benefits :
  • Bring about an exceptional product that brandishes market appeal and sustains interest among loyal gamers.
  • Add value to the game by conducting a thorough testing in all stages of the game, from initial stage to post-release testing
  • Be able to pinpoint known bugs in the system and remove them
  • Issuance of pre-certification of games by numerous platform manufacturers


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