It is a known fact that compliance and compatibility testing is an integral part of game development. It is a means to unearth any flaws or weakness in the hardware that affects game functions. Certification from wireless providers and handset manufacturers is also important, especially when testing mobile games. Qualified testers make sure that the game follows strict compliance requirements and that it would perform consistently regardless of operating system variations or in diverse devices. This ensures compatibility in all platforms.

Benefits - The following benefits are present when compliance and compatibility testing is adequately done:

  • There is reduction in the total cost of certification when this is done in the first iteration.
  • Guidelines of prime licensees like Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, Mac, among others are fully integrated.
  • Faster validation and analysis of functional and technical requirements of platform providers.


It is important that game compliance and compatibility testing be done by qualified and credible professionals who have the technical expertise in the certification process of multi-platforms. They must be certified and can provide guidance on a number of technical issues. Turnaround time must also be quick in their assessment of game compliance in order to reduce cost.

Components We Used

Components We Used

Different components of compliance and compatibility testing should also be present to ensure that the software will perform at par with set standards. Text, graphics and audio must comply with terminology specifications such as special characters, spelling and symbols.

The Process

The Process

Specific wording and details must be contained in messages types like console functions, errors and game features. Operational modes are also looked into by conducting soak testing of games that are being operated for prolonged periods of time. This includes pausing, idling or at the screen title. Other components like audio, graphics, behavior of accessories and controllers, storing and timing of data, are likewise considered.


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