Testing is a very important component for the video game industry before it is released to its intended audience to ensure that it functions as originally intended. Mowgli Translations offer different testing processes so that errors or bugs faults are corrected during the execution of your video games in whatever format it would be run. While the testing phase is a little bit complex and challenging, we have test managers who develop that overall test plan in order to come up with a compatible gaming program.

Services of Video Games Testing : Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Game localization testing
  • Game localization testing process
  • Game compliance and compatibility testing
  • Game functional testing

A Game Changer

With international markets the key to success, gaming companies cannot afford to take any chances with their branding. Game players are an intelligent and demanding group, regardless of what language they speak, so establishing an interactive relationship is essential if brands are going to stimulate international players to the same degree as that of the original product conception.

Contact MowgliTranslations for any questions and inquiries regarding our testing processes and we will explain in detail each game testing processes. We are more than happy to give you the advice you need for all your gaming needs.

Video Games Testing

Mowgli Translations offers a wide array of comprehensive video games testing services with the use of Quality Commitment Professionals who are experts in the gaming industry. Our testing team greatly considers the end users of the game, with ease, clarity and convenience in mind. Our localization department and testing department work together to come up with a perfect game package within the highest standards. We assure that your brand image is promoted, and bad reviews are avoided.

Game Functional Testing

IOur testing team assures that video game crashes, performance issues, hangs, audio and text problems are avoided. We test game play problems and graphic issues such as corruption and, missing graphics are checked before it is released on the market. Incorrect instructions and other inconsistencies in game mechanics are corrected so that you will have an error free product. Our experienced experts are keen gamers and they understand the nature and language of the gaming industry.

Game Localization Testing Process

Adaptation to the local market is an important factor for your video game business because the end user will eventually test the ease of use, and clarity of your games. Whether you are marketing a multi-player game, or a casual gaming, we ensure that the game localization testing process is at par with industry standards. We follow a very strict guideline of the process from test planning, test execution, localization compliance, in-game testing, bug reporting, and post-release testing. The process is tedious to make sure that your video games are of high quality when it is released in the market.

Game Compliance and Compatibility Testing

Compliance testing is a very important ingredient when you game is released, most especially when third party licensors are needed. We integrate these processes so that strict technical requirements are followed. This will ensure that your games are not rejected when you apply for licensing approval. Compatibility testing ensures that your game functions well with the required considerations related to hardware and operating systems. Mowgli Translations applies a very strict compatibility testing process so that your games fits into any hardware, or that modifications may be done in order for it to function with any gadget or computer.


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