The MMO Localization Process

Since the dawn of the online multiplayer games, these games have experienced continuous growth throughout the years. The MMO games are now played around the world with millions of online players being immersed into this awesome gaming experience. MMO localization is a big challenge for game developers who want to attract gamers from abroad. Many players originate from the Middle East and others from China and other Asian countries. The need for top quality MMO localization and translation is a must if the game publishers want their game to be a worldwide smash hit.

Every MMO localization project will be handled by a Project Management Team. The following services will be provided for the project:

  • File preparation assistance if needed.
  • Localization testing done by native speaking MMO specialists.
  • Proofreading by a native speaker.
  • Quality Assurance stage.
  • Delivery of the project in the same format.
  • Post delivery support.

Gaming and Localization

We provide a highly-accurate and reliable localization that will complement the computer gaming development. We ensure that the specific needs of game publishers are met in terms of content and format. We offer options for the whole stage of development process. We ensure an efficient global playing in any of the 80 languages worldwide.

What Sets Mowgli Translations Apart from Others

What Sets Mowgli Translations Apart from Others

MMO localization involves a thorough process that needs to be constantly monitored and checked for a more streamlined and efficient translation and localization.
  • We offer constant support for large-scale projects.
  • We have experienced project managers who constantly monitor the localization process.
  • We offer in-house reviewers and engineers for file preparation, terminology creation, content review and validation.
  • QA testing and audio services in every language combination and every game genre.
  • We have 300 specialist translators, testers, editors and voice-over talents.
  • We run localization, proofreading and QA process simultaneously to cope with large quantities at the shortest amount of time possible.
  • We deliver pre-final version before finishing the project.
  • Full localization check before delivery.


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