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Computer game publishers always release their games internationally because it provides great revenues and outstanding returns. Many computer games today undergo translation and localization process so that it can be played by many people across the globe. Mowgli Translations has a full range of resources with the most capable translators that can provide accurate computer game localization and translation for game developers and publishers. Mowgli Translations offers gaming translation services for game developers, app developers, and for business purposes.

Mowgli Translations offer a wide range of computer game localization services. We cover the game development process at every stage and provide effective solutions for any localization issues.

  • Localization of the project management and planning.
  • Localization of the user interface.
  • Graphics localization (DTP) which includes voice-over recording, game testing and QA support.
  • Localization of game marketing collateral.

Gaming and Localization

We provide a highly-accurate and reliable localization that will complement the computer gaming development. We ensure that the specific needs of game publishers are met in terms of content and format. We offer options for the whole stage of development process. We ensure an efficient global playing in any of the 80 languages worldwide.

How Can a Computer Game Become Localized

How Can a Computer Game Become Localized

  1. The computer game package or box can be translated to the target language. Aside from the box, the user manuals, promotional materials, brochures and other paper materials are also localized.
  2. All the texts that are included in the game will be translated. This includes the interface, subtitles, tips, descriptions and so on.
  3. Another popular way to localize a game is by using voice over or dubbing. This is also called enhanced localization.
  4. Localization can also be implemented not only for the voice and the text but also for the graphics of the game. When the graphics are changed to suit the target audience, this is often called excessive localization.
  5. The scenario of the game can be localized by changing or adjusting it for a specific country. This involves a lot of technical processes and the original game designers and publishers should be asked for their approval.


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