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A casual game is a type of video game that can fit any genre or have any gameplay. Usually, casual games have simple rules that are played by a mass audience of casual gamers. There is no doubt that the casual gaming industry is booming not just in the US but also worldwide. Some of these casual games can be found online with websites offering different games and other games can be downloaded into your smartphones and tablets. In order for the games to cater to players around the world, it should offer a localized version so the players can truly enjoy playing their games. Mowgli Translations specializes on casual games localization and translation, which is suitable for your needs as well as what your players truly want.

Mowgli Translation has a very dedicated project management team who are experienced in handling casual games localization projects. Account managers will ensure that the highest quality of service is provided for every stage of the localization process.

  • We use native speakers to completely localize casual games.
  • The games go through strict proofreading which is handled by a native speaking proofreader.
  • After proofreading, the games will go directly to the Quality Assurance (QA) team for processing.
  • Once the games pass the QA, it will be delivered in the same format, post delivery support with no exclusivity charges.

Gaming and Localization

We provide a highly-accurate and reliable localization that will complement the computer gaming development. We ensure that the specific needs of game publishers are met in terms of content and format. We offer options for the whole stage of development process. We ensure an efficient global playing in any of the 80 languages worldwide.

Quality Assurance Process

Quality Assurance Process

We have a very rigorous QA process that meticulously checks and verifies all the translation and localization of the game.
  1. Semi-automatic terminology verification
  2. Validation and creation of initial terminology
  3. Checking of character lengths
  4. Consistency checks and Terminology validation
  5. Ensure there are no missing translations
  6. Glossary validation and final content QA


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