Video Game Voice over Services

A high quality video game voice over plays a significant role to the game’s success. Choosing a company that will work for your game’s voice over is an essential thing to do. Mowgli Translations has been in the industry for quite a long time to serve everyone who is in need of our voice over services. We have the complete set of professional voice actors that will do the voiceover to make it more appealing for the players to play the game. Aside from that, we can provide different samples that you can choose from for your game.

We can also do voice over using 30 different languages, so players around the world will enjoy your game. Our video game voice over services will be the catalyst of your gaming business success. Mowgli Translations make sure that the message you want to convey to your players are clear enough with the help of the best native speaking voice talents that we can provide you. All our talents are trained to make sure they will satisfy and attend to all your needs and demands to make your game a sure hit to all your players in the future.

Gaming Services

A large chunk of time being spent by people in front of the computer is dedicated to video games. For this reason, it is not surprising why the competition is very tight among video game developers. Almost every month, a new game is being released enticing the appetite of hard-core gamers.

Different Post Production Services

Different Post Production Services

We can also assure all our clients that we will assist you all throughout the process and provide different post production services listed below:
  • Assistance for voice and sound effects : We will assist in making the voice record effective and mixing it with SFX
  • Assist in mixing voice and music : This is to ensure that the sound effects of the game, including its animations completely work with the theme and motif of the game.
  • Dubbing Different Languages : If you are to cater different languages, we will continue in dubbing the voice over to make sure each of the players will understand what they are playing and will truly enjoy the game.


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