South Korean Age Game Rating

South Koreans have a very evident interest to video games. Unfortunately, their love for video games have gone way beyond overboard. In the recent years, several fatalities have been associated with extreme addiction to video games. This prompted the government to impose a firmer policy as to what type of games are suitable for their citizens. Mowgli Translations has the experience and expertise to help you overcome these obstacles.

The ratings of video games in South Korea was originally handled by the Korea Media Rating Board (KMRB), which also handles reviews for TV, movies, stage plays and other types of media. However, after a serious controversy that involved accepting bribes, the agency was axed. It was later on replaced by the Game Rating Board (GRB) that handles the evaluation of video games only.

Video Game Rating

The popularity of video games as a unique mode of entertainment in this age is unparalleled since its inception more than 30 years ago. Today’s players are more engaged physically and emotionally, a level deeper than when watching TV or a movie. As such, a video game age rating has been designed to give precise and objective information so consumers can make an informed decision whether or not to purchase a product.

GRB’s Classification System

GRB’s Classification System

GRB claims to be the public’s defender from negative influences like gambling, nudity and violence. They have set four classification of video games depending on the age of audience to whom the game is suitable for. Games are classified as suitable for ages 18 and over, 15 and over, 12 and over or banned. GRB puts the highest regard to the influence that a certain game imparts to the South Koreans.

The Basis for Banning

The Basis for Banning

South Korean’s GRB is quite sensitive to games that reference the conflict between the South and North Korea. Depending on the extent of referencing, they may consider some games that hint such conflict. Violence and gambling are also themes that easily catch GRB’s attention. Restrictions may be imposed to games that suggests subtle aggression while total ban will be automatically imposed to games that show extreme cases of losses or gains as well as morbid graphics and scenes.


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