French Game Age Rating

France remains the second largest maker of video games second only to the United States. The country uses the PEGI or Pan European Game Information as a classification tool for its French game age rating. The PEGI replaced older rating systems in Europe and unified it into a single, sleek system and helps European parents, including the French to make an informed decision when buying video games. Rating categories show age appropriateness that is based on a particular system being used.

Challenges for Game Developers and Publishers : For non-French speaking game developers and publishers, the language barrier is a harsh reminder and a common problem. Documents needed for rating classification must be in the vernacular. The market remains lucrative and has 31 million regular players, which is more than any other place in Europe. Mowgli Translations has the experience and expertise to help you overcome these obstacles.

Age Legislation

To date, France made it mandatory that video games should have age labels and this is already backed up by legislation. This move will protect minors that are at risk with video games containing violence, crime, encourages the use of illegal drugs and alcohol drinking and hatred to persons or groups.



The PEGI has 5 game age rating categories:
  • 3 – suited for 3 years old and older; may contain mild violence
  • 7 – suitable for children 7 years and older; may include mild or unrealistic violence
  • 12 – suitable for ages 12 and above and may have violence in a family context, sporting action, gambling, mild sexual references or innuendo
  • 16 – suitable for 16 years old and older; realistic-looking violence, sexual references or content, drug use, gambling and strong language.
  • 18 - unsuitable for people under 18; may include graphic violence, strong language, glamorizing drugs, strong sexual content, motiveless killings and violence towards the defenseless


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