Brazilian Game Age Rating

For the country of Brazil, the Advisory Rating or ClassInd is the country’s content rating system for video games, movies and television programs. The Advisory Rating Coordination is under the Department of Justice, Rating , Titles and Qualification which is part of the Ministry of Justice. Having a Brazilian age game rating is a must for all games that are released in Brazil. It is not surprising that some online shops do not sell video games or that these are not even accessible in Brazil. Rating categories show age appropriateness that is based on a particular system being used. Often times, these systems are sponsored or closely associated with the governments of countries around the globe.

Brazil’s Classification System -The following are the classification:

  • L – Livre or for General Audiences
  • 10 – Contents that are not allowed for persons under 10 years old
  • 12 - Not recommended for minors under 12
  • 14 - Not recommended for minors under 14
  • 16 - Not recommended for minors under 16
  • 18 - Not recommended for minors under 18

What We Includes

Content descriptors are also included in the rating system and also guide parents and guardians regarding the type of content that is contained in video games and films. Violence, sexual content, drugs, inappropriate language and criminal acts are just some of the main descriptions included in the video game rating system.

How Qualification Ratings are requested

How Qualification Ratings are requested

For game developers and publishers, a document written in the Portuguese language will have to be submitted to the Department of Justice, Rating, Titles and Qualification explaining the reason why a game or other media is recommended for a particular rating. A preview of the media is also mandatory to lessen or avoid mistakes during verification.

What We Face

What We Face

Difficulties in translating from English or other languages to Portuguese are just some of the challenges facing foreign developers and publishers who want to go into the Brazilian market. Age restrictions regarding gaming had to be considered as well.


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