Mobile Games Localization

Mowgli Translations provides mobile game translations in order to allow mobile games to reach a wider audience. We ensure that your mobile games are delivered directly to your target market. In addition, we also make sure that your intended gamers appreciate as well as enjoy your mobile games. Contrary to regular computer games, mobile games do not have the capability of showing high definition graphics as well as high quality visual elements. However, people are still into mobile games, as they provide entertainment, especially when they are on the go.

Mobile game localization is an intricate process, as it involves translating your mobile game in order to fit it into the various restrictions and conditions of different locations. Some geographical locations may be particular with the amount of violence in a game, while some may be particular with the kind of languages that are used in it. Our company will ensure that your mobile game meets the standards of your intended market. This way, gamers can maximize their game play. It is also a way to avoid certain errors and problems in your mobile game.

Comprehensive Services

Aside from our mobile game translation services, our company also provides comprehensive and well-executed mobile game localization services. We are well aware of the many limitations of most mobile video games. Therefore, we always make sure that we incorporate the necessary adjustments in order to make your mobile game fit into the interests of your targeted gamers.

Choose Us for Your Mobile Game Localization Needs

Choose Us for Your Mobile Game Localization Needs

If you are wondering why we are the best option for you, some our reasons include the following:
  • A talented pool of mobile game translators and experts : Mowgli Translations carefully screens its translators in order to extract the best ones from the rest. We only hire translators who are experienced in the related field and who are native speakers of various languages. We have translators who can speak fluent English, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Italian, French, Dutch, Russian, Arabic, Iranian, Persian, Spanish, Mandarin and many more.
  • A Collaborative Effort : Our translators work together with some of the best computer professionals in order to provide you with the best localization results. We work together with mobile game designers, computer engineers, graphic designers, concept artists, computer programmers, mobile game creators and many more. This collaborative effort is done in order to ensure that all translation and localization processes are accurate as well as reliable.
  • Perfect translation, localization and video game execution : Finally, we guarantee that we can provide you with an accurately translated, localized and well-executed mobile video game. Once we are done with the whole translation and mobile games localization process, you target market will surely appreciate and enjoy playing your game.


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