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A large chunk of time being spent by people in front of the computer is dedicated to video games. For this reason, it is not surprising why the competition is very tight among video game developers. Almost every month, a new game is being released enticing the appetite of hard-core gamers. Since the turnaround of games is pretty much faster now more than ever, game developers find it ideal to release their games simultaneously in different countries all across the world. Through this, they can cover a larger market and wider demographic.

With the trend of the simultaneous release of video games, game localization is deemed necessary. Since the majority of the world does not use English as their first language, localizing the game instructions and materials is pertinent to attract more and more gamers. Video games are using several communication symbols and terminologies, which others may not understand. Through translation, linguistic differences are bridged with the use of various localization techniques.

A Game Changer

With international markets the key to success, gaming companies cannot afford to take any chances with their branding. Game players are an intelligent and demanding group, regardless of what language they speak, so establishing an interactive relationship is essential if brands are going to stimulate international players to the same degree as that of the original product conception.

Complexity of Video Games

Complexity of Video Games

Video games are available in several genres. Some games contain violence, accounts of historical events, adult languages and cultural differences. If localization is not handled properly, these sensitive topics could offend a particular culture and may persuade a local market not to play the game anymore. Thus, localization must be done with an utmost cultural sensitivity and impeccable representation of gaming languages.

Allow us to Handle the Job for You

Allow us to Handle the Job for You

Mowgli banks on our unparalleled experience in the field of gaming translation services. Our pool of multi-skilled and highly trained professional gamers and linguists are capable of localizing your gaming materials for your target markets anywhere in the world. We can translate your materials to over 40+ languages. We are committed to bring outputs of exceptional quality for the satisfaction of our clients.


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