Translation is not merely replacing one word with another. It involves the formation of the entire concept into its target language. There is a correct strategy and an efficient process that needs to be followed in order to execute a perfect and accurate translation. Mowgli Translations always uses a very effective translation process, which includes four basic steps that every translator should follow.

Modified or Customized Translation Process : If the client requests for additional checking, proofreading, testing and editing, Mowgli Translations is always glad to oblige. We can modify our existing translation process according to the request of the client to ensure top quality translation results. We select translators for each particular client based on specific criteria: native language skills, industry-specific skills, and technical ability.

Translation Process

Our translation process is very detailed with several stages that involve proofreading, editing and testing. Mowgli systematically tracks each project from the initial project consultation and translation of the original source file up to the final delivery of the project. This ensures that every level of the translation process is monitored efficiently. Our editors, proofreaders and content specialists will make sure that every document or material that passes through the process is strictly checked for corrections.

The 4 Levels of Translation

The 4 Levels of Translation

  1. Translation Stage : This is the first translation stage where the text of the document is translated to the target language.
  2. Proofreading Stage : This stage involves proofreading of the translated document. The proofreader will also check for cultural accuracy as well as the readability. The words, phrases and sentences may have been translated correctly but sometimes there are issues about the culture of the audience that have to be corrected.
  3. Editing Stage : This is where the materials or documents undergo the correction of grammars and sentence structure. Editing every document and material for any grammatical errors or incorrect sentence structures are strictly imposed.
  4. Testing Stage : This is the final stage where linguistics, function and aesthetics are rigorously investigated for its quality.


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