If you have some questions for us, you can contact us and we will gladly answer your inquiries. We also prepared some of our Frequently Asked Questions just in case you are planning to inquire them.

How long does it take to translate my project?

Our turnaround time depends on how large or small the project is. Simple translation projects are easier to do, while larger and more intensive translation projects will take a longer time.

How much should I expect to pay for my translation project?

The cost for each project is dependent on its complexity as well as the number of languages it needs to be translated to or from. Again, simple and easy translation projects costs cheaper, while translation projects that require more languages and a more extensive translation are more expensive.

Will you edit my project even if it is not in proper English?

We will edit projects with poor English. This is part of our standard localization and translation process. Editing a project before translating it ensures its quality.

What and how many languages can you translate to and from?

Our translators can translate over 40 languages. Aside from English, we can translate to and from Russian, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Greek, Filipino, French, Arabic and many more. You may visit our language page for a complete list.

Do I still need a Glossary?

We make sure that we provide a Glossary for all of our translation projects, as we believe that it has an important purpose. A well-translated Glossary provides all important terminologies in the translation project.

Can I request for a sample translation and quotation?

We provide prospective clients with a sample of our translation works in order to help them decide if our style meets their preference. We also provide a sample quotation.


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