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Globalization has certainly made marketing easy for various companies all over the world. More than ever, promoting and marketing products and services has been made efficient with the use of major technological advances. Thus, an opportunity for a bigger and wider market can now be reached easily. Translation or localization is a very critical part of a company’s globalization for it can make or break the businesses. Thus, entrust only your localization needs to a company with unprecedented experience and with a network of professionals and linguists in various locations all over the world. Choose a company whose credibility is spotless and with results that surpasses customers’ expectations.

Mowgli offers you the most comprehensive and reliable translation services for your automotive, medical device, software, technical documentations and website translation services. Allow us to be your partner in achieving your goals and we will build a long lasting partnership together.

Translation, Localization & Interpretation, We do it all

Translation is a process of interpreting what a particular text means and creating its equivalent in another language. Localization, on the other hand, refers to the mechanism of adapting the created text in a manner that is comprehensible, usable and appropriate to your intended audience. In other words, localization is a more intelligent way of translating text by taking into consideration cultural, religious and gender differences.


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Globalization has certainly made marketing easy for various companies all over the world. More than ever, promoting & ...

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